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  1. Clear the surface from dust, dirt, remove loose layers.
  2. Cleared like that surface’s base prime with use of priming emulsion EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION.
  3. With large surface’s irregularities use EKO-MAS START GYPSUM JOINT FILLER. This is quick-drying product that allows for distribution of layer even 3 cm thick. This surface should be then primed again. If the surface is smooth, ignore point 3.
  4. Mix EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND (dry mix) in a bucket with water, in ratio as shown on the packaging. If you are using EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER (paste) do not add water, just simply stir readymade product in the bucket.
  5. Apply the joint compound evenly on a dry surface with use of spatula or stainless steel plastering trawler, 3mm thickness of a single layer. Be careful that the temperature (surface and surroundings) was no lower than 5 and not higher than 25 C degrees.
  6. After the layer completely dries off (this can take between 2 to 24 hrs, depending on the temperature and humidity), clear the surface with a sanding mesh or sand paper. For dusting of surface you can wipe it with a damp cloth, do not prime.
  7. Dust off the surface with a damp cloth
  8. After use of paste EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER or EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND priming is not necessary. After surface dries off is ready to be painted.

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