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No, these products do not have to be primed after applying – therefore, you are saving time and money. It applies to both EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER and EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND. We are recommending priming the surface BEFORE you apply the joint compound – using EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION.


What is recommended thickness of a layer of EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER paste you can apply at one go?

At one go the maximum thickness of the layer should be no more than 3 mm.


How long the EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER paste dries off?

Time for dry off can take between 2 to 24 hrs, depending on the temperature and humidity.


Can you dilute EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER in the bucket with water after some time of not using it?

After longer periods of not using the paste you should not dilute it with water. You should remove the top layer that can be exceptionally dry, the rest just stir – and the joint compound is ready to use.


How long you can store diluted dry mix EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND?

Mixed, but not used, joint compound can be kept in tightly closed container for up to 30 days.


What is the usage of joint compound EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND?

Dry-mix EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND is extremely efficient: with 1 kg you can cover approx. 1 sq m.


What is the drying time of EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND?

The drying time is between 2 and 24 hrs. This large time lap is caused by the fact that drying process depends on levels of humidity and temperature of surroundings.


What is the advantage of joint compound based on dolomite over gypsum joint filler?

Dolomite joint compound is more flexible then gypsum one. Surface of dry dolomite joint compound is much smoother then the surface covered with gypsum one. Additionally, dolomite joint compound has got much longer working time, which makes the finishing works much easier (it does not dry as quickly as gypsum joint filler).


What for we need to use gypsum joint filler, when dolomite one has such a good parameters?

EKO-MAS START GYPSUM JOINT FILLER should be use when the surface needs good preparation: has got large gaps and irregularities. The advantage of the gypsum joint compound is that you can apply a thicker layer. Quick drying time is also an advantage: you do not have to wait long for the step in your finishing works.


What is the recommended thickness of one layer of EKO-MAS START GYPSUM JOINT FILLER?

One layer of the EKO-MAS START GYPSUM JOINT FILLER application can be up to 3 cm thick – it allows filling large cracks, gaps in the surface.


When using EKO-MAS product range you should use EKO-MAS PRIMING EMULSION?

EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is a modern product for priming all kind of surfaces that are strongly absorbent and rough. Thanks to its strong penetration qualities it strengthens even most weak and crumbly surfaces, giving them good flexibility, strength and humidity resistance. You can use other’s suppliers’ products for priming. However, we cannot warranty that they will meet your expectations.


Any additional question – write to us and we will get in touch