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EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND is to be used for interiors’ finishing works. It comes as a dry mix to be diluted with water; after drying off is perfectly white, it makes painting and wallpapering easier. EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND is a non-plaster product, produced with the use of dolomite. The mass can be applied mechanically.

Product Description


EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND is perfect for interiors’ finishing works, inside the buildings, like: smoothing of walls and ceilings, filling in the gaps and joining of plasterboards.


EKO-MAS FINISHING JOINT COMPOUND is a modern and environmental-friendly product, with the highest level whiteness, which seriously reduces usage of paint during decorating. For its production we used, instead of gypsum, natural dolomite starch and carefully selected enriching elements that ensure good water infiltration during product mixing, which prevents common occurrence of creation of clumps.

This product is proven to have a very good adhesion to all types of surfaces (plasters, wood, painted surfaces). Thanks to its flexibility is easy to spread and process. The product is ideal as a under-layer for wall-paper and decorating with all the types of emulsion paints.


The surface must be grease, dust and dirt free. Layers that are loose should be removed. To ensure the best results, before applying the joint compound, we enjoin you to use our EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION.


Pour dry mix into water, in ratio 1 kg for approx. 0.25 l of water; stir until you get homogenous, thick mass. Apply ready mix once, with spatula or plastering trowel to max thickness of 3 mm. Bigger gaps require additional layers, but you must remember that every prior layer must be dry before applying next one.

For large surface irregularities use our EKO-MAS START GYPSUM JOINT FILLER. After product completely dries off, clear the surface with a sanding mesh or sand paper. For dusting of surface you can wipe it with a damp cloth, do not prime.


Mix proportions: 1 kg of joint compound for approx. 0.25 litre of water. Efficiency: 1kg / sq m with layer’s surface thickness of 1 mm (spackling). Maximum layer of thickness 3 mm. Adhesiveness to gypsum – cardboard ≥ 0.2 Mpa.

Product shows resistance to hits of value of 250 g and is resistant to cracking when layer is thick at 3 mm.  Drying off time: from 2-24 hrs depending on the temperature and humidity. Surroundings’ temperature and surface required to allow use of the product: between plus 5-25 C degrees.


CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT MUST BE TRANSPORTED AND STORED IN TIGHLTY CLOSED BAGS, SEPARATED FROM DAMP BASE. Protect form heat and freeze. Unused mix can be stored in tightly closed container for up to 30 days. Warranty period is for 12 months from date of production.


5 KG, 25 KG