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EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is a universal product to help you prepare all types of surfaces. It strengthens basis for paints, glues, grouts, plasters, fillers. This product does not need any diluting, it is ready to use.

Product Description


EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is a modern product for priming all kind of surfaces that are strongly absorbent and rough. It works efficiently on concrete, gas-concrete, cement-lime and plaster-board surfaces.


EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is inflammable and does not contain any dissolvent. After it dries off it creates a clear surface, increasing its adhesiveness to the surface, being scratch-resistant, regulating exchange of water vapour and improving coating and application of paints.


EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is used as a base for paints, glues, plasters, grouts, fillers and smoothers for surfaces. Thanks to strong penetration ability EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION toughens even the weakest and most fragile surfaces, giving them good flexibility, durability and water-proofing. Thanks to those qualities, adhesion of glue to tiles and terra cotta increases, and there are no air bladders under the self-levelling floors. EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION retains basis’ absorbency, therefore the so called phenomenon of “sweating walls” does not occur, and automatically the usage of walls paints decreases. Emulsion can be used both in- and outdoors.


Efficiency of EKO-MAS PRIMER EMULSION is approx. 0.05 – 0.25 kg/m sq. The temperature of surface should be between +5 to +25 C degrees. Temperature resistance (after dries-off) from -30 to +70 C degrees. The product should be used within 15 months from the date of its production, as printed on the packaging.


1 L, 5 L