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A non-plaster product, produced with the use of dolomite. Efficient and plastic, in form of paste ready to use. The mass can be applied mechanically.

Product Description


EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER is the highest quality finish in the form of paste ready to use. It is intended for use in finishing and repairs such as gypsum plasterboard joints, with use of bonding tape, plastering (smoothing) surfaces of walls and ceilings indoors that are not exposed to moisture. EKO-MAS can be applied on various surfaces: cement, cement-limestone, limestone, gypsum plasterboard, plasterboard, concrete and cellular plaster. Do not use on plastics, glass or deformable substrates.


EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER is an ecological product. For its production, instead of plaster, we used natural dolomite powder and specially selected modifying additives, so that the mass is suitable for immediate use and ensuring  maximum comfort of work. One of its main characteristics are very good adhesion to the substrate, elasticity (high crack resistance), easy to distribute and work. Its fine-grained structure allows perfect finish. Once it has been applied to the surface and completely dried, it will get a solid white colour. The product is an excellent layer for wallpapering and painting with various types of decorative paints.


The surface should be degreased, free from dust and dirt. Loose and weathered layers should be removed so that the surface is a homogeneous and permanent structure. This surface should be primed with EKO-MAS GRUNT primer.


EKO-MAS READY TO USE FILLER after mixing it in a bucket is ready to use. Apply evenly to the dry surface, up to 3 mm thick at a time. Depending on the preferred technique, use a  spatula, stainless steel trowel or roller. Larger cavities require the placement of further layers of filler, however, keep in mind that each layer must be fully dry. The mass is suitable for Airless Sprayers. To cover very large unevenness, we recommend that you use EKO-MAS START gypsum beforehand. After the surfaces are completely dry, we are recommending surfaces to be sanded with abrasive grit or abrasive paper. It is recommended to prime with EKO-MAS GRUNT priming emulsion before painting.


Work temperature from +5°C to +25°C. Drying time 2-24 hours, depending on temperature and humidity. Product consumption: about 1 kg/m2 (filler). Maximum layer thickness 3 mm. The shelf life of the product in the original packaging is 12 months. The product has a Hygienic Certificate of PZH.


The product should be transported and stored in original sealed packaging. Protect from overheating and frost. Not worn, tightly closed FILLER can be reused. Keep out of the reach of children.


The product does not pose a threat, it has been positively assessed in terms of health. The data contained on the packaging is only general production information and indications as to how to use it. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of the product, but does not take responsibility for the weather conditions and how the filler is being used. In case of any doubts, you should carry out your own application tests or consult the manufacturer.


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