EKO-MAS HD-97 Ready Mixed Spray Finish

  • Ready-mixed joint compound, dolomite-based  
  • For spray application onto indoor walls and ceilings
  • Ready to use, there is no need to dilute before work
  • Thickness 1-2 mm per coat, max. 3 mm
  • Easy application and treatment
  • Environmental Declaration Certificate (EPD)


Product Description


HD-97 Ready Mixed Spray Finish is used for application by airless sprayer, for finishing (smoothing) of wall and ceiling surfaces indoors. The compound is ready to use, there is no need to dilute before work.  It is an elastic material, easy to apply, with longer setting time

Composition: very finely ground dolomite powder, aqueous polymer dispersion, preservatives and additives improving the properties and the application.



The surface should be dry and stable, all loose layers or old coats of paint should be removed to obtain a uniform structure. In case of large irregularities, we recommend prior application of gypsum filler. The surface should be primed with EKO-MAS primer emulsion. After priming, allow the surface to dry.

Can be applied on: plasterboards, concrete, cellular concrete, calcium-silicate bricks, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, gypsum plaster, etc.

Do not apply on: plastic, glass, metals or deformable surfaces. Do not use in commercial premises exposed to permanent moisture.

Application by airless sprayer

The compound is ready for use in a sprayer after being slightly stirred in the bucket – there is no need to dilute the product.

Apply on a dry surface with a spray gun moved steadily, to ensure uniform layer thickness. If another layer must be applied (recommended especially on porous surfaces, such as gypsum and mineral plasterwork), wait until the previous layer is dried.

After the surface is completely dry, it should be ground with a mesh or sandpaper. Manual or mechanical sanding is possible. After treatment, the effect of a snow-white, smooth wall is achieved. The compound provides a perfect layer for wallpapering and painting with all kinds of decorative paints.

After finishing work clean the sprayer with water immediately (for more details see: instruction manual of the sprayer).


Technical data

The type of tip used to apply the compound should be selected based on technical data of the airless sprayer. Recommended layer thickness: 1–2 mm, not more than 3 mm. Optimal working temperature from +5°C to +25°C. The drying time depends on the thickness of the layer, air temperature and humidity. Product consumption: about 1-1,5 kg/m2.


Keep the bucket tightly sealed, store at 5oC-25oC. Protect from freezing, extreme heat and exposure to direct sunlight. Shelf life of the product is up to 12 months from date of manufacture under proper storage conditions.


EKO-MAS HD-97 Ready Mixed Spray Finish has an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate. The EPD covers the entire life cycle of the building product. Internationally-recognised EPDs are crucial cornerstones for such building certification systems as LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

Bucket 25 kg

33 buckets per palette, Net weight 866 kg