EKO-MAS PN-15 Deep Penetrating Primer

  • Ultra-strong microparticle primer
  • Penetrates and strengthens the substrate surface
  • Uniforms substrate absorbency after repair works
  • Intended for general indoor and outdoor applications
  • Manual or spray application
  • Pigmented for better control of work phases
  • Fast-drying


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Product Description


PN-15 Deep Penetrating Primer is an ultra-strong solvent-free product for deep priming of slightly degraded (after renovation) or dusty surfaces, to prepare a good base for plasters, screeds, fillers, glues, paints, tiles etc. The primer is fast-drying and pigmented for better control of work phases.

Composition: Water-based microparticle acrylic dispersion (min. 30%), preservatives and additives improving the properties and the application.



The surface should be dry and stable, all loose layers or old painting coats should be removed to obtain a uniform structure. Surfaces with fungi and mildew should be mechanically cleaned and then disinfected with fungicidal impregnant.

Can be applied on: absorptive substrates and backgrounds of reduced adhesion such plasterboards, calcium-silicate bricks, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, gypsum plaster, slightly degraded (after renovation works) or dusty surfaces etc.

Do not apply on: non-absorbent surfaces such terrazzo, OSB, varnishes (super primer with quartz sand needed).


The primer is ready to use after shaking the container. The product can be applied manually (with a brush or roller) or by airless sprayer to the substrate which is above +5°C. Absorptive backgrounds and backgrounds of reduced adhesion may be primed twice. Before applying the plaster, putty, adhesive or paint allow the primer to dry / harden well. The primer use results in a slightly reddish colour of the substrate.

PN-15 is a fast-drying primer. Drying time (approx. 2 hours) depends on the absorption of the ground, air and substrate temperature or humidity. When working in enclosed areas, ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

When dried, it forms a high-adhesion structure resistant to scratches and strikes, regulating exchange of water vapour and improving covering power.


Technical data

Efficiency of EKO-MAS PN-15 Deep Penetrating Primer is approx. 0.05 – 0.25 kg/m sq. The temperature of surface should be between +5 to +25 C degrees. Temperature resistance (after dries-off) from -30 to +70 C degrees.


Keep the container tightly sealed, store at 5oC-25oC. Protect from freezing, extreme heat and exposure to direct sunlight. Shelf life of the product is up to 15 months from date of manufacture under proper storage conditions.

Container 5 litres

100 containers per palette, Net weight 500 kg

1 liter bottles also available